Sweden-raised 20-year-old LE SINNER has a penchant for dropping rapper-like bars with the melody of a singer. 
 The young newcomer first cast a spell on listeners everywhere with his breakout single Paris. Not only did it crack 3 million streams, but it also soared to #1 on the Spotify US Viral Chart and #21 on the Global Viral Chart. Part of what Mass Appeal calls “the Swedish invasion,” LE SINNER has already been co-signed by tastemakers such as Ebro, DJ Snake and more.

Discovered by Swedish hip hop mogul Rebstar, the young debutant and is part of the country’s leading label in urban export Today Is Vintage bound to a global impact.

The ambitious debut project A Perfect Murder marks the fulfilment of the potential that LE SINNER promised when he first arrived. Through the album’s six tracks, LE SINNER weaves a psychological thriller filled with lust, deception, and murder. The album threads an impressive balance between classic crime pulp fiction and modern hip hop production, crafting a project that’s wholly original and not seen in contemporary pop.

A Perfect Murder is the perfect crime: a foreboding thriller disguised as modern pop music. The genius of the project is that it does both so well. With such a strong debut vehicle, LE SINNER is sure to make an impact with listeners looking for a unique twist on RnB and Hip Hop.

The devil is in the details. Just ask LE SINNER.