Throughout most of his childhood years Kállay’s father was touring the world and playing his music among legends such Luciano Pavarotti, Jeff Beck, Lou Reed and many more but every now and then Fernando would bring along his son to observe. His father would take him to Detroit and show him how it all started; the corners he sang on, places he played. By doing so, Fernando planted the Motown roots deep within Kallay’s soul.

In 2010 Kállay decided to visit Hungary to spend time with his grandmother who was ill at the time. During his visit in Hungary he noticed a TV commercial urging talented singers to audition for the nations talent competition Megasztár, ending up 4th in the contest and rising to stardom.

In November 2012 Kállay announced his departure from Universal and signed a worldwide deal with Today Is Vintage. The first single under his new label, My Baby was released to critical acclaim. My Baby catapulted to #1 on iTunes and eventually charted #1 on the Hungarian Top 40 Radio Charts, becoming the #2 most played song of 2013 in Hungary.

Kállay Saunders


aww1 #5 Eurovision 2014

aww2 #1 Hungary Top 40 

aww2 #4 Hungary Top 40 

aww2 #16 Hungary Top 40